• Tuition fees have been increased from $16 000 to over a $100 000 that is an increase of over 700 percent 
  • Accomodation fees have been increased from $45 000 to over $120 000, an increase of about 300 percent.
  • Private muchova has increased from only $5 last semester to over $500 this semster, an increase of over 1 000 percent.  

To an economist these increases are justified because prices are simply responding to the price pull, the inflation magnet which is pulling them up, but we are no economists, we are students and students who come from financially shy backgrounds . My parents , our parents simply can not afford these fee increases even if they had the desire to pay.

Today comrades we are standing firm on high moral ground and demanding the reversal of these increases. The government has thrust us into this precarious situation and we only have two options to sink or swim , to make or break , to do or to die. Comrades sinking, breaking or dying are no options at all . Together united in our cause and purpose we will fight and make sure that not even one of us is denied a chance to higher education an opportunity to escape poverty.

Comrades we will not allow the regime of Robert Mugabe and his errand boys or to put it rightly we will not allow a group of bandits who have looted from our national coffers to divide us as to rule us. We will remain united .