As student leaders we are told to refrain from politics or being political, we are supposed to be apolitical they say 

How can we afford to be apolitical when political decisions affect our every day life at these tertiary institutions , when political decisions are passed by unsympathetic , self aggrandizing politicians threatening our very existence from these tertiary institutions .

Comrades it was a political decision that said parastatals will not receive funding from the government.
It was a political decision that said parastatals should charge commercial rates . All state universities are parastatals hence it doesn't not require a professor in robotics to explain to us that come next semester we will be paying fees almost equivalent to those at private universities

The moral ground for establishing state universities was that bright and intellectually gifted students should not sacrifice academic advancement simply because they come from financially shy backgrounds. All of a sudden the the powers that be decided that education be on sale and that tertiary education should be for the elite.

As student leaders we cannot afford to be apolitical. Comrades do you know that a mere statement that i am Zimbabwean is a political statement. There is a very thin line between political issues and non political issues , actually it would require a very powerful magnifying glass to be able to see the divide.

Comrades let it be known that we will continue to usher political statements , we will fight political battles all in the name of ensuring that students enjoy their full academic rights and improve on their social being as students.

As students we will not be embarrassed to join pro democratic forces in fighting against oppression and tyranny neither will we be apologetic for that. For the time has come to join hands and fight the enemy from a single front. The war has to be won at all cost if not for us but for our children.

Everyone has a part to play , no one can fight this war on behalf of someone. 
Aluta continua, Victoria ascerta