During my vacation in Harare actually on the 12 of the December 2006 at Rainbow Towers formerly known as the Sheraton hotel for those who are coversant with Harare. Having lunch with my family celebrating my mums`s 56th birthday. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Mr Kofi Annan.

This is what transpired comrades. Mr Annan came up to me and said how are you President Whitlaw Mugwiji and i responded i am fine how are you sir former secretary general Koffi Annan. Then he said Whitlaw Mugwiji and i said  Koffi Annan. Then he said Whitlaw and i said Koffi. He said Mugwiji and i said Annan, and soon it became an exchange of Mugwiji Annan , Annan Mugwiji.

To cut the long story short this is what he informed me , he told me he had read my report which i had sent to the UN appealing for help for our education in Zimbabwe. He however reiterated with a great show of concern that the international community was aware of all our problems but they were not going to meddle into our domestic and internal problems.

Comrades and fellow countrymen the international community is aware that the majority of the students in Zimbabwe can not afford the new fee structure but however they are not going to help us. we have to fight our own battles .

The international; community is also aware that the standards at all tertiary institutions are going down but only but ourselves have to fight and redress the challenges we are facing.

The international community is also aware of the deteriorating poor diet that the intelligentsia has been subjected to , but certainly we do not expect the international community to fight for our stomach welfare.
The international community is aware that GZU is the only university in Zimbabwe offering sub standard degrees and again they are not going to fight for better degrees on our behalf . we have to roll up our sleeves and fight our own battles.

The international community is also aware of the unconstitutional delay and postponement of our SRC elections by an undemocratic administration here at GZU. Fortunately this time around the international community helped us to sue the institution a case we won at the Harare High court. However we do not need the blessing of Maravanyika to conduct SRC business. The SRC is elected by the students for the students . We are happy that with or without the elections we have your mandate and full authority to conduct business on your behalf. This is your 2005-2006 SRC, i will call upon names 
  •  Sports secretary    Goerge Makamure
  •  Properties              Sobala Moyo
  • Health                     Brenda Mupfurutsa
  • Social Welfare         Edmore Punungwe
  • Entertainment          Charlton  Chatambudza
  • Transport and non res Oglive Makova
  • Legal and acdemic     Jacob 
  • Information and publicity Florence Ncube 
  • Treasure                        Edson Hlwatshwayo
  • Secretary General        Everson  Zhou
  • Vice  President            Nicholus Govo 
  • President                     Whitlaw Mugwiji